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Opportunity Assessment

Market Potential

To evaluate the market potential of a product, InSight Healthcare Consulting utilizes primary market research and leverages market knowledge developed over 18 years in business. We conduct in-depth interviews with thought leaders to identify unmet clinical needs in the target market, assess the ability of the product to meet those needs, and identify critical areas of product performance.

Market research with practicing clinicians helps define the current market, including

  • awareness of and interest in the product's area of application
  • initial reaction to the product
  • what is needed to achieve customer acceptance, e.g., supporting clinical studies and reimbursement

We obtain clinician input from in-person or telephone interviews individually or small group settings and from online surveys (see Completed Projects section for an example of an online survey).
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Strategic Analysis

InSight Healthcare Consulting assists management and marketing teams in assessment and prioritization of different indications for a product or several product concepts.

First, the InSight consulting team meets with clients to learn their goals and distinctive competencies, and to obtain product information. Then, for each indication or product, we determine

  • total market potential
  • barriers to entry
  • and competitive environment

The team discusses the resulting analysis and recommendations with the client. An example of such an analysis, conducted in multiple phases to meet our client's needs, can be found in the Completed Projects section.
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Due Diligence

InSight Healthcare Consulting provides objective, in-depth analyses of products and businesses to support business and corporate development. Depending upon the client’s needs, InSight offers primary research with key opinion leaders, clinicians, or hospital staff and/or secondary research regarding industry trends and competitive activity.

Typical projects in this area involve clients who are considering acquiring a novel product and need to understand the market’s likely reaction to it. Our staff’s experience in developing, launching, managing, and analyzing products in the healthcare market has provided us with the background to assist clients in making appropriate decisions.
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