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Tactical Marketing

Ad and Sales Aid Testing

Working with the client alone or with their marketing communications agency, InSight has extensive experience in conducting market research to develop ads and sales aids that resonate with targeted segments.

See the Completed Projects section for a description of recently-completed study of journal ads for a new HIV/AIDS drug.

Using focus groups, triads (smaller groups), and one-on-one in-depth interviews, InSight has assisted clients in developing journal ads, product brochures, rep sales aids, patient instruction guides, tag lines and direct to consumer advertising. Our experience in clinical medicine and healthcare product marketing help us to identify the strongest messages and/or visual concepts as well as assess the thought process of the viewer, key elements in understanding how to modify an evolving marketing communication piece.
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Packaging Testing

Packaging is very important whether the product is aimed at the hospital market, the physician's office, or directly to the consumer. In each of those environments, a product's packaging can have a significant impact in determining a product's ease of use and ultimately the likelihood of selection among competing offerings.

InSight Healthcare Consulting has worked with an array of clients to assist them in developing packaging that facilitates product use. Through qualitative market research, we've tested product packaging concepts with clinicians, pharmacy personnel, and patients. Our strengths in clinical usage patterns and experience with a broad range of medical products benefits our clients in assisting in developing packaging that works with whatever environment in which the product is stored and used.
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Customer Acquisition and Retention Analysis

InSight Healthcare Consulting works with clients to determine the dynamics of their customer base. Using client customer lists, we conduct in-depth, candid interviews with customers about their experiences with the client's product and staff. Past projects have uncovered a variety of factors that have had significant impact on sales:

  • competitors offering discount pricing and bundling
  • lack of rep follow-through to insure customer retention
  • unexpected acceptance of competing product offerings
  • technical issues that did not receive the level of attention needed

An example of such a project, commissioned by a client whose flagship product was unexpectedly losing market share, can be found in the Completed Projects section.

In addition to assisting clients in understanding the issues that are hindering customer acquisition and retention, InSight also provides recommendations that have led past clients to increased sales and profitability.
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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Through qualitative and/or quantitative surveys, InSight has worked with clients to ascertain customer satisfaction with both product and service offerings. Our decades of experience in consulting, product management, and clinical research have provided us with a 'full-spectrum'approach to view customer satisfaction from a variety of perspectives.

Through qualitative market research, we first determine the key issues in the minds of the customer. Following that phase with quantitative market research, we quantify the satisfaction level that customers in the larger customer base experience in those key issues identified earlier, as well as in metrics important to our clients. A series of customer satisfaction studies taken over regular time intervals has provided periodic feedback as to the success of measures taken in response to prior surveys.
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'Lost Customer' Analysis

InSight Healthcare Consulting has worked with clients to determine 'what happened?' to that segment of customers who used to be either regular purchasers or one-time purchasers, but have subsequently stopped buying the client's products. These studies are typically qualitative market research with a sample of customers.

Our staff probes beyond surface issues to determine those repeating 'themes' that tend to occur when a significant number of customers become 'lost customers'. Our recommendations have assisted clients in making operational and marketing changes that have resulted in recapture of a portion of those 'lost customers'.
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